What are Tankless Electric Water Heaters?



A tankless electric water heater provides an endless source of hot water by providing you with all your water use needs on demand. Unlike a storage tank that continually heats water (even when you’re not using it), a tankless electric water heater will heat your water as you need it. By only heating water on demand, it helps make your water heating system more energy efficient which will help save you money all year long. A tankless electric water heater doesn't require changes to your home's plumbing. Additionally, it works with filtration systems and water softeners in your entire home to endlessly provide you with hot water on demand for all your water heating needs.


How Tankless Electric Water Heaters Work 


When you turn on a faucet, water will enter your tankless electric water heating system. The water is detected by a sensor that causes elements in your system to heat up. Then, the water circulates through a heat exchanger and heats the water to your desired temperature. When you turn the faucet off, the tankless electric water heating system turns off as well. 


 Watch a video on how tankless electric water heaters work



The Wright-Hennepin tankless electric water heater has a wide variety of uses. It can heat water for:



      Your Entire Home                Small Businesses           Condominiums/Apartments      Manufactured Homes           Recreational Vehicles            Emergency Stations