Benefits of a Tankless Electric Water Heater


Have you ever felt like your shower has gone a little too cold, or your bath water doesn't seem that hot anymore? If you answered yes, switching to a tankless electric water heater will interest you.  There are four key traits electric tankless hot water heaters have that make them better than storage water heaters.



      Endless Hot Water                                Energy Efficient                                      Easy to Maintain                             Environmentally Friendly 

With an electric tankless water heater, you will never have to worry about running out of hot water. Tankless water heaters heat water as you use it so you can do load after load of laundry, wash dish after dish, and even have enough hot water to take a long shower.

Tankless electric water heating systems are 99.3+ percent efficient, meaning that electricity is only used while you are heating your water.  Expect to see great savings on your monthly water heating costs with an electric tankless water heater -- up to 30-50 percent in savings! 


A tankless electric water heating system requires little maintenance.  Our electric hot water heating system monitors and maintains itself through self diagnostics.  If a part were to fail, it notifies you and you can find a replacement piece at a hardware store. Because they are compact and lightweight, tankless electric water heaters can be installed anywhere in your home.


 Tankless electric water heating systems are made in the USA out of 85 percent recyclable parts that can be reused instead of throw into landfills. Tankless electric water heaters also only use energy when you need hot water, therefore using less electricity.